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Introducing the Sierra International Machinery T556TLK Baler

One of the things that makes our scrap metal recycling center serve you well is keeping up with the latest technology and machinery. After all, processing a large amount of scrap metal requires investing in top equipment. One of our newest additions is the Sierra International Machinery T556TLK Baler. Let’s take a look at this machine and how it helps us efficiently recycle your scrap.

What is a Baler?

The best way to explain the functionality of a baler is probably to relate it not to scrap but rather something you may be a bit more familiar with – farming. We’ve all seen hay bales while driving along the highway or on TV. These are created by a baler.

A baler is essentially a machine that takes in material and compacts it, producing neatly arranged rectangular bales. While a hay baler uses hay to make bales for farms, our new baler is a bit different – but uses the same basic concepts.

Scrap metal balers take in metal and use high levels of pressure in order to compact it, creating a dense, shaped bale of metal that can be more easily handled. Balers are important for the recycling process because they facilitate compact materials that can be more easily used or transported.

What are the Benefits of the Sierra T556TLK Baler?

There are many reasons why the Sierra T556TLK Baler is a great fit for our Charlotte scrap metal recycling center. One of the biggest strengths is its durability. As a center that processes a very large amount of scrap metal, it is important that our equipment can stand up to this demand. This baler is constructed with a unique L-Box design and outer honeycomb construction to create strength.

Additionally, the Sierra T556TLK baler contains abrasion resistant steel liner plates that can be replaced. This means it is much easier to maintain. While these steel plates will take a very long time to begin to wear down or degrade, they can be easily replaced with new ones should that occur, keeping the unit operating efficiently for years to come.

Another benefit of the Sierra T556TLK Baler is that it does not require a foundation in order to operate. Because of this, it is easily transportable. This means we can maneuver it around the scrap yard when needed.

How Much Scrap Metal Can the T556TLK Bale?

As an incredibly durable baler, the big feature of the Sierra T556TLK Baler is its ability to operate quickly and efficiently. In fact, this machine can bale between 18 and 20 tons of scrap metal every hour.

This is an incredibly impressive amount of scrap for a baler, one of the reasons why the Sierra T556TLK was a great choice for our facility. This helps us to efficiently process the largest loads of scrap metal that we receive, supplementing our existing recycling capabilities.

What Else Can the T556TLK Do?

The Sierra T556TLK Baler is designed to be a very versatile machine. While its baling capabilities are most impressive for our needs, there are a number of other things that this piece of equipment is able to do.

It works as a logger, able to log appliances, cars, sheet metal, and other objects. With this function, it can produce between 18 and 22 tons every hour. Additionally, it can shear scrap metal, pipes, beams, and other items. Its shearing production ranges from 16 to 22 tons per hour. In other words, there are many different things that this impressive baler is able to do.

What Does this Mean for Me?

When it comes to choosing a Charlotte scrap metal recycling center, we know you want to trust that your materials will be recycled effectively. In fact, efficiency is one of our most important goals. This is why we consistently invest in high quality equipment to strengthen our ability to operate.

This is where the Sierra International Machinery T556TLK Baler comes into play. This new piece of equipment further strengthens our ability to handle large amounts of scrap. As our base of clients continues to grow, this baler will help us continue to optimize the recycling process, helping get your scrap metal out of the landfills and back into the circular economy.

When you choose to use us as your trusted local scrap metal recycling center, trust that you are choosing someone that uses top of the line equipment in order to get the job done efficiently while continuing to invest in capacity that allows us to serve you well.

Recycle Your Metal with Us!

If your company is looking to improve their sustainability, recycling your scrap metal with us is a great idea! In addition to helping the environment, you can add extra money to your bottom line!

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