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The Future of Scrap Metal Recycling in Charlotte

It’s likely that you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about recycling. After all, that’s our job! When you provide us with a large amount of scrap metal, you simply trust that it will be recycled – and it will! However, there are actually lots of interesting ways in which technology is improving the recycling industry. Here are some of the ways that technology will change how we recycle in the coming years.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI is seemingly everywhere these days from self-driving cars to your Amazon product recommendations. Thus, it is no surprise that AI is also finding itself being integrated into the scrap metal recycling business.

There are many ways that AI is being used to strengthen recycling. For one, AI is helping to strengthen approaches to logistics, which will improve the efficiency of collecting scrap metal. Additionally, AI can analyze data on past sales, helping to detect market trends and identify the best time to sell materials.

3D Printing

3D printing is an intriguing technology that you may have had an opportunity to see for yourself. Many different things can be 3D printed from collectible figurines to entire homes. As this niche industry continues to develop, it will likely intersect with scrap metal recycling in a number of ways.

3D printing has the ability to create brand new products from recycled scrap metal. After metal is melted down and processed, it can be used by some printers to make new materials. This is a great way to reduce the cost of operations and increase profits. Additionally, it can allow for the creation of customized parts that may be difficult to find elsewhere.


Today, you can find software that is specialized for virtually every industry. This is no different for scrap metal recycling. There is a wide array of software products that are already helping improve the work of recycling centers around the country. \

For example, routing software helps recyclers to optimize fleet routing and can arrange routes in the most productive way possible. This decreases energy consumption while also strengthening client interaction.

Meanwhile, inventory management can help scrap metal recyclers analyze inventory flow, which is key for improving our ability to track materials at any given time. Again, one of the key principles at play here is strengthening efficiency.

Finally, anti-theft software provides strengthened protection for assets in the scrap yard. And the use of software doesn’t stop there. There are many additional functions and specialties on the market today. This has changed what scrap recycling looks like and will continue to improve efficiency as new technologies are released.

Mobile Scrap Processing

One technology that is expected to greatly improve the industry in the coming years is mobile scrap metal recycling. Such as process would allow scrap metal to be recycled where it is located instead of having to have it transported to the recycling center.

Of course, this has benefits for everyone involved. It eliminates a logistical concern of transportation while also reducing the time it takes to collect and process scrap metal. While this service may not be something you see in the coming years, it is expected to become more widespread at some point in the future.


If you are familiar with the term blockchain, you probably associate it with cryptocurrency. While blockchain is definitely a critical part of how cryptocurrencies operate, it has many more applications. In fact, blockchain has the potential for bringing some changes to scrap metal recycling.

Specifically, blockchain technology can be used to increase the security and transparency of tracking in the supply chain. Think of it as a digital ledger that records every transaction from when scrap is collected to its eventual sell. This helps to ensure fairness and prevent fraud in the process, benefiting everyone involved.

Smart Bins

Not all technologies that will help the recycling business grow will be used at recycling centers. In fact, some will be used by companies and other stakeholders in the process. Improved methods of onsite waste handling are one way that will strengthen the recycling process from this aspect.

Consider a construction site that produces a large amount of recyclable waste. Smart bins with specialized sensors that can note when they are full can contribute to more efficient collection, reducing costs and time for companies engaged in scrap recycling.

Look for the Latest Technology When You Recycle with Us!

While these are some of the things that will likely be transforming the recycling industry over the coming decade, there are many other things that help improve efficiency in the current environment. When you choose us as your Charlotte scrap metal recycling center, you can trust that we will utilize top of the line machinery and processes.

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